Solid Walnut Shelves – Set of 3

Last week I showed the Rustic Farmhouse table that I created for the O’Kelley’s home.  In addition to the table I also fabricated a wall mount TV unit with picture frames on the doors as well as a set of three walnut shelves.  They have a sleek design that highlights the intricate grain and natural dark stain of the wood.

I planed down the walnut and squared the edges in preparation.  Above you can see the lighter ‘sapling’ wood; demonstrating the interesting color variations that can be seen in walnut.

Walnut shelves

The shelves are approximately 2′ wide x 6″ high x 6″ deep.  Biscuit joints were used to craft a sturdy product.  These shelves will be hanging in triplicate to hold towels and toiletries.

Walnut shelves 3Walnut shelves 2

The shelves were sanded to a glass-like smoothness.  No stain needed here, a few coats of poly lets its natural beauty shine through.

Please email me with any projects you’d like customized for your home!


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