Custom Wedding Signs

Weddings are a wonderful occasion to celebrate two people joining their lives together.

Saenz.JPGA customer recently requested a wedding sign as a gift for a friend’s upcoming nuptials. Cape May, NJ has deep meaning for this couple; it is where the bride spent weekends at her grandmother’s beach house and it is also where the groom proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2016.  For this reason I recreated the Cape May lighthouse and engraved the Saenz family name.  They were married this past Saturday, June 11th at Hotel Alcott in Cape May, NJ.  They were thrilled to receive this one of a kind piece to mark their wedding day and becoming a family together.


This past fall my best friend, of over 20 years, was married at Bear Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania.  Rob has been there for the many ups and downs in my life and I wanted to create something unique for him and his wife Katie.  Rob and Katie love the outdoors, gardening, and going on adventures on their motorcycles.  I wanted to create something that captured their relationship as well as their future together.

Wedding Sign – Tavares

I chose a raw edged piece of walnut for the Tavares’ sign – a nice strong hardwood.  After engraving their family name and year of marriage I began to sketch out a scene.  One that represented their family and friends, their future together and that their love may continue to grow and strengthen through the years.  This was truly a labor of love and it now hangs in the home they share together.

Tavares 2

In addition to the sign I also use my scroll saw to carve out a cake topper for Rob and Katie’s wedding.  After carving out the design I used a small flame to highlight the hearts and woodburned their initials into the topper.

Please let me know if you are interested in a wedding sign for yourself or as a beautiful, thoughtful gift to a loved one!


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