From Sawmill to Houston – crafting two hardwood tables

Walnut table.jpg

My wife’s college roommate and husband recently made the trek from a little apartment in NYC to their first house in Houston!  In their current Manhattan apartment there’s only room for an island/table, so when they found their new home in Houston they contacted me to build a dining room table and kitchen table.  A table can really anchor the room and provide a space to gather with friends and family.

As with all my projects, we first start out with 3D computer models so we can all see what the project will look like; shown below.

bigger bench
Walnut Trestle Table

bench 2

rustic table
Rustic Farmhouse table

Once the style and design were finalized I chose some beautifully, locally sourced hardwoods to construct both tables.  I get all my material from a mill  just 15 miles down the road from me so everything all needs to be jointed, planed to appropriate thickness, and cut to size.  I love using hardwoods that are native to PA; they have gorgeous grain and interesting features.  That’s why I never source my lumber a big box store.

Ron’s Sawmill (kiln dried lumber)

The base of the trestle table was first. I Constructed it out of poplar; a hardwood that takes paint very well.


Here is the bench top with breadboard ends; a great finished look and it also helps prevent the long boards from bowing over time.  A coat of poly really helps the grain of the walnut bench POP.


Rustic Red Oak Farmhouse Table

The Rustic table came together well. I utilized machine screws and anchors to allow it to be easily moved; the top was quite heavy!  After the sample stain was approved and applied I finished the piece by sealing with poly.  Both tables arrived in Houston and quickly became a place to congregate, chat and host dinners.


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