X Brace Bench – with 3 pet crate cubbies

Dog bench 2

One of my previous clients, Kelly C., requested a custom bench to fit/hide away 3 dog crates.  After scouring online everything she found was either too big, too small or overpriced!  I had previously made custom shelves for an alcove area in her home and was excited to work on another project with her.

After finalizing dimensions and style (X bracing to match their dining room chairs) I provided a 3-D rendering for her to review.

dog bench 7
Bench shown without X braces


The bench base was constructed from plywood (to be painted) and the top was made from jointed quarter-sawn oak.

Dog bench 6

After painting and poly the final test was setting the pet crates in each cubby; a perfect fit all the crate doors opened smoothly!  I love the clean look of this project and it’s multiple uses; hideaway pet crates and a bench for additional seating at family gatherings.  Another great piece for their home.

Dog bench
Kelly C.’s photo with all 3 pet crates.

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