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Oftentimes when people see the word ‘Custom’ to describe a handmade table or other wood projects means that it must be ‘extra expensive’.  Although this may be true some of the time, most custom-built furniture is actually cheaper than those from a popular online store!

One of my biggest peeves is when sellers or retailers over use trendy words like Rustic/Wedding/Reclaimed to increase the cost of a product.  Not only will you most likely be paying more, but you will be getting LESS! Almost all commercial manufacturers use sub-par quality materials to get a larger profit (hint, hint it’s pine haha).

They mass produce so thousands of other people will have the exact same piece of furniture. (like the ‘apothecary table’ in Friends).  Perhaps the most important point of all is just the quality.

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Although some custom-built pieces may cost double up front, you will NEVER have to buy a new one because of it breaking.  These are quality pieces that are truly meant to last.  They will become a part of your home that you will one day be able to give to a family member for them to cherish.

Skilled woodworking is quickly becoming a lost trade, especially with the loss of wood shop classes in America’s schools.  Custom-built furniture is individually crafted by hand to my customer’s specifications.  You’re not only getting quality, you’re getting years of practice, sweat, and passion. When you buy custom you support a Family, not a corporation.


So if you’ve had your eye on a beautiful piece of furniture, but it was a little too small or big or not enough shelving, then please send me a few pictures and specifications and I can create something perfect for you.  I’m sure you’ll be happily surprised with what we can design together!

Live edge shelving

These are a new design that i have been playing around with in between some larger jobs.  I have a lot of really beautiful cookies or slabs that i was unsure how we showcase them.  This design allowed for maximum use of the material and it also is so unique and beautiful for any rustic decor. Each shelf is different and has a different price so please email with questions about size or pricing for a custom shelf of your own.

Fly Fishing Rod Rack

image3A friend from Oregon recently requested a custom fly fishing rod rack for her husband.  He’s an avid fisherman and outdoorsman and they spend lots of time hiking and camping.  She sent me a few images of the design she liked; a clean looking piece that was easy to assemble and disassemble without any screws or nails needed.  This certainly made shipping it easier once it was finished!  I sourced the lumber from a nearby mill in Schwenksville, PA (which is also my friend’s hometown, so now she has a custom wood piece from home).  For the main pieces I used Beech Nut which has a nice grain that really pops with a light stain and poly.

I designed a template for the main pieces so I can quickly create more of these rod racks!  Here are a few stain options on the beech nut wood as well as the Minwax Colonial Maple 223 that was used.  The walnut wedges, used to secure the main pieces together, were poly’d.

A dry fitting of the unstained Beech Nut and Walnut wedges.

The Beech Nut after maple stain and poly set up for 13 fly fishing rods.


The finished product!  Navy felt was used on the bottom of the rack to cushion the fishing rods (not pictured here).  Easily customized with your choice of wood, stain and felt!      –Tim


Out of the city and into the woodshop

Hello!  I am Tim Robinson, a third generation carpenter and the father twin boys.  After our boys were born in March 2015 I decided to take a break from the long, dangerous days of the construction field to stay at home and help raise my boys. I wanted to utilize my carpentry skills and expertise and decided to start a woodworking business. Please follow me and my boys in my new adventure in woodworking. I am also on instagram @twinorchardwoodworking. We are specializing in custom furniture, vanities, business signs, wood art, firearm vises, picture frames, shadow boxes, and mostly anything you can ask for!