Custom Wedding Signs

Weddings are a wonderful occasion to celebrate two people joining their lives together.

Saenz.JPGA customer recently requested a wedding sign as a gift for a friend’s upcoming nuptials. Cape May, NJ has deep meaning for this couple; it is where the bride spent weekends at her grandmother’s beach house and it is also where the groom proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2016.  For this reason I recreated the Cape May lighthouse and engraved the Saenz family name.  They were married this past Saturday, June 11th at Hotel Alcott in Cape May, NJ.  They were thrilled to receive this one of a kind piece to mark their wedding day and becoming a family together.


This past fall my best friend, of over 20 years, was married at Bear Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania.  Rob has been there for the many ups and downs in my life and I wanted to create something unique for him and his wife Katie.  Rob and Katie love the outdoors, gardening, and going on adventures on their motorcycles.  I wanted to create something that captured their relationship as well as their future together.

Wedding Sign – Tavares

I chose a raw edged piece of walnut for the Tavares’ sign – a nice strong hardwood.  After engraving their family name and year of marriage I began to sketch out a scene.  One that represented their family and friends, their future together and that their love may continue to grow and strengthen through the years.  This was truly a labor of love and it now hangs in the home they share together.

Tavares 2

In addition to the sign I also use my scroll saw to carve out a cake topper for Rob and Katie’s wedding.  After carving out the design I used a small flame to highlight the hearts and woodburned their initials into the topper.

Please let me know if you are interested in a wedding sign for yourself or as a beautiful, thoughtful gift to a loved one!


Solid Walnut Shelves – Set of 3

Last week I showed the Rustic Farmhouse table that I created for the O’Kelley’s home.  In addition to the table I also fabricated a wall mount TV unit with picture frames on the doors as well as a set of three walnut shelves.  They have a sleek design that highlights the intricate grain and natural dark stain of the wood.

I planed down the walnut and squared the edges in preparation.  Above you can see the lighter ‘sapling’ wood; demonstrating the interesting color variations that can be seen in walnut.

Walnut shelves

The shelves are approximately 2′ wide x 6″ high x 6″ deep.  Biscuit joints were used to craft a sturdy product.  These shelves will be hanging in triplicate to hold towels and toiletries.

Walnut shelves 3Walnut shelves 2

The shelves were sanded to a glass-like smoothness.  No stain needed here, a few coats of poly lets its natural beauty shine through.

Please email me with any projects you’d like customized for your home!


Rustic Farmhouse Table

Table 7.PNG

(Above photo by Jessica Salomone)

Hello again! It’s been awhile since my last project post, so let me introduce myself.  My name is Tim and I am trained carpenter with over 10 years experience.  I started Twin Orchards when my twin boys were a few months old and have enjoyed being home with them while crafting original wood designs.

I worked with the Jessica Salomone Design to create this beautiful Rustic Red Oak farmhouse table for the O’Kelley’s. I also crafted a custom TV Unit and solid walnut wood shelves for their gorgeous home in Virginia.  Before the start of every project I visit my local sawmill to select the perfect wood for the piece.


The O’Kelley family wanted a rustic farmhouse table that could fit both their immediate and extended family.  With this in mind I designed a ‘breadboard’ farmhouse table with wood leaves allowing for a 10′ long x 3.5′ wide.  I chose a Rustic Red Oak which has beautiful mineral veins in it and really highlights the grain of the wood.

Table 1

After constructing the table top I created detailed edging between the boards as well as some distressing to capture the rustic look.

Table 2

Here is an in-process photo of the trestle base that the O’Kelley’s chose for their table.

Table 8

Dark ebony stain enhances the grain patterns and mineral variations in the wood.  Rustic red oak also has interesting ‘imperfections’ like the worm hole shown in the bread board above.

Table 3

Ebony stain with a gray-wash glaze give the table a beautiful distressed, well-worn and well loved look.

Table 4

Table before the final touches and finishing.

Table 7

(Above photo by Jessica Salomone)

And here is the final product in the O’Kelley’s beautiful home.  Shown here is the 7′ table; hidden leaves allow it to extend up to 10′ with comfortable seating for 8! I love how well the dark stain of the table pops against the clean white walls and blue tones of the room.  Creating this table was one of my favorite and largest projects to date!

As always please send me an email at if you have an idea about a custom woodworking project – I’d love to design a custom piece for your home!


Live edge shelving

These are a new design that i have been playing around with in between some larger jobs.  I have a lot of really beautiful cookies or slabs that i was unsure how we showcase them.  This design allowed for maximum use of the material and it also is so unique and beautiful for any rustic decor. Each shelf is different and has a different price so please email with questions about size or pricing for a custom shelf of your own.

Fly Fishing Rod Rack

image3A friend from Oregon recently requested a custom fly fishing rod rack for her husband.  He’s an avid fisherman and outdoorsman and they spend lots of time hiking and camping.  She sent me a few images of the design she liked; a clean looking piece that was easy to assemble and disassemble without any screws or nails needed.  This certainly made shipping it easier once it was finished!  I sourced the lumber from a nearby mill in Schwenksville, PA (which is also my friend’s hometown, so now she has a custom wood piece from home).  For the main pieces I used Beech Nut which has a nice grain that really pops with a light stain and poly.

I designed a template for the main pieces so I can quickly create more of these rod racks!  Here are a few stain options on the beech nut wood as well as the Minwax Colonial Maple 223 that was used.  The walnut wedges, used to secure the main pieces together, were poly’d.

A dry fitting of the unstained Beech Nut and Walnut wedges.

The Beech Nut after maple stain and poly set up for 13 fly fishing rods.


The finished product!  Navy felt was used on the bottom of the rack to cushion the fishing rods (not pictured here).  Easily customized with your choice of wood, stain and felt!      –Tim