Wood Cookie Chandelier 

I have always wanted to make my own light fixture out of a wood slab, or “cookie”. Looking at the ten choices at a big box store that don’t come close to what I want only further drove home my desire.  

My pole barn is full of slabs and beautiful live edge pieces that I have collected over some time. These pieces are too beautiful to cut up into straight boards for furniture. 

I picked the perfect shape and size for my room and I got to work. The first step was to remove the existing 1970’s ceiling fan. 

It took a lot of work to get the slab ready and run all the wires for the 8 lights. My favorite part of any project is applying the polyurethane. 

 This video shows how much the grain and colors pop when the polyurethane is applied. There is so much character and beauty in this cookie.  Finally I got to install my new light fixture that I had made from start to finish. 

I love the holes and all the bark that is still on the cookie. This piece is walnut, my favorite species of wood. This is its natural color with just polyurethane to protect it and make it shine. 

I installed the cookie fixture to a ceiling fan attachment. This gave the light a lower feel as well as allowing it to be turned if we move the table. I really enjoyed this project and love the look with Edison bulbs. The rustic, natural flair of design is a great contrast to all the clean lines of the new kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

More For Less

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Oftentimes when people see the word ‘Custom’ to describe a handmade table or other wood projects means that it must be ‘extra expensive’.  Although this may be true some of the time, most custom-built furniture is actually cheaper than those from a popular online store!

One of my biggest peeves is when sellers or retailers over use trendy words like Rustic/Wedding/Reclaimed to increase the cost of a product.  Not only will you most likely be paying more, but you will be getting LESS! Almost all commercial manufacturers use sub-par quality materials to get a larger profit (hint, hint it’s pine haha).

They mass produce so thousands of other people will have the exact same piece of furniture. (like the ‘apothecary table’ in Friends).  Perhaps the most important point of all is just the quality.

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Although some custom-built pieces may cost double up front, you will NEVER have to buy a new one because of it breaking.  These are quality pieces that are truly meant to last.  They will become a part of your home that you will one day be able to give to a family member for them to cherish.

Skilled woodworking is quickly becoming a lost trade, especially with the loss of wood shop classes in America’s schools.  Custom-built furniture is individually crafted by hand to my customer’s specifications.  You’re not only getting quality, you’re getting years of practice, sweat, and passion. When you buy custom you support a Family, not a corporation.


So if you’ve had your eye on a beautiful piece of furniture, but it was a little too small or big or not enough shelving, then please send me a few pictures and specifications and I can create something perfect for you.  I’m sure you’ll be happily surprised with what we can design together!

Out of the city and into the woodshop

Hello!  I am Tim Robinson, a third generation carpenter and the father twin boys.  After our boys were born in March 2015 I decided to take a break from the long, dangerous days of the construction field to stay at home and help raise my boys. I wanted to utilize my carpentry skills and expertise and decided to start a woodworking business. Please follow me and my boys in my new adventure in woodworking. I am also on instagram @twinorchardwoodworking. We are specializing in custom furniture, vanities, business signs, wood art, firearm vises, picture frames, shadow boxes, and mostly anything you can ask for!