Wedding gifts that people will love!

I have had my cnc (computer numerical control) for a few year, but so far, the wedding gifts are my favorite to make!  Its always hard to find a good gift to give someone on their big day, unless they have a website that just tells you what to buy!

These custom made bottle openers are made of solid hardwood that is all indigenous to Pennsylvania.  All the font, design, and detail can be customized to fit your gift perfectly!

Here are just a few styles and designs that are available.

In addition to the engraved fronts, we also offer the option to write them a note on that back that will be engraved with your handwriting! Just write a personal note, scan or take a photo of it, and send it to us! The back also has a keyhole so it is easy for anyone to hang on the wall.

Here is what a personal note may look like.

Handwritten letter, that we then engraved on the back.

Depending on your design, species of wood, and finishes, these beautiful pieces start out at $65 plus shipping. contact us at to get started on your own project today!